Enduro Hand and Skin Product FAQs


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Who is Bio Technics Ltd?

Established in 1984, Bio Technics Ltd was founded to create a range of environmentally friendly products that would challenge the way people think about cleaning and disinfection in general.

As a company we are committed to continually developing and providing the best performing products, which use the smallest amount of hazardous chemicals possible.

It is this commitment to effective, environmentally friendly products which led to the creation of the following ranges:

  • Endurocide Infection Control: a patent-pending range of water-based, sporicidal disinfection products for the Medical and Health Care Industries.
  • AntiBak Food Hygiene: a range of effective, non-hazardous Food Hygiene Products for the Food & Catering Industries.
  • Simply Bio: an effective range of environmentally friendly, biological cleaning solutions for the Janitorial and Home Care Industries.

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