Endurocide Water-based, pH Neutral, Biodegradable Detergent

Endurocide® Detergent

Concentrated general purpose detergent

A powerful, water-based general purpose detergent for cleaning floors, walls and equipment.

Endurocide® Detergent quickly and effortlessly removes dirt, grime and greases - perfect for general cleaning and damp dusting.


  • Fast and powerful
  • Low to medium foamer
  • Highly concentrated
  • Alkaline formula



Why choose Endurocide® Detergent?

Fast & powerful

Quickly removes dirt, grime and greases


Suitable for floors, walls, equipment, surface damp dusting and can be used in hot or cold water

Low to medium foamer

Shows where you have cleaned without excessive foaming


Capable of significant dilution - standard dilution rate of 2 - 6%

Alkaline formula

pH of 11 for effective degreasing properties


 Endurocide Detergent is Alcohol Free  Endurocide Detergent is Chlorine Free

Endurocide Detergent is Disinfectant Free  Endurocide Detergent is Biodegradable


Where to Use

Endurocide® Detergent is a multipurpose detergent suitable for cleaning:

  • walls, corridors, rooms, floors and kitchens
  • furniture, trolleys and bins
  • curtain tracks and ventilation grills
  • mattresses and bed frames
  • desktops and door handles

How to Use

Suitable for both hot and cold water applications, via pressure washer, steam cleaner, floor scrubbing equipment or manually.

  • Rinse with clean water after use.
  • Use at a start solution of 1:24 (4%).
  • Maximum dilution: 1:200 (0.5%).
  • Use as supplied for heavy duty degreasing.

Also available as a wipe: Endurocide® Detergent Wipes

Pack Sizes

5 Litre

E DET 5L 150px


5 Litre container

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Units per case

4 per case


20 Litre

E DET 20L 


20 Litre container

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Units per case

Sold individually



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