CLP Labels and SDS Statements


Please note:

We are pleased to announce that this update was completed ahead of time and our labels are fully compliant with CLP regulation.

Updated: June 2016.


We are in the process of updating all of the Endurocide® labels and SDS (Safety Data Sheet) statements to the European Regulation EC 1272/2008 for CLP.

CLP stands for Classification, Labelling and Packaging and is applicable to all chemical products. The new CLP regulations implement GHS (Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals), a United Nations system for identification of hazardous chemicals.

It came into to force on the 20th of January 2009, the new legislation required that all manufactured chemical products are classified according to CLP by 1st of June 2015 in the European Union and the UK, a deadline which we will meet comfortably.

But what does this mean?

Firstly this means that MSDS statements will be extended to have sixteen sections and are referred to as SDS (Safety Data Sheet). Although having more cautionary statements, a SDS is essentially the same as a MSDS. The purpose of the safety data sheets remain the same, with or without the M.

Secondly CLP also requires different standards for labelling and packaging. Both the labelling and SDS statements will include updated terminology:

  • Mixtures instead of preparations
  • Hazardous instead of dangerous
  • Hazard statements instead of risk phrases
  • Precautionary statements instead of safety phrases
  • The inclusion of relevant signal words

For labelling specifically you’ll notice that for some products were are no longer classed as hazard label free. It should be noted that while our chemical compositions will not have changed; some chemical products may be classified more or less severely under CLP regulations which will be reflected on the labelling. For example a lot of products that were classified as non-hazardous to fairly mild (R41, Irritant for example) are classified as corrosive under CLP.

If you are already familiar with CHIP hazard symbols you will notice a change in pictorial ideograms; the new hazard labels will be featuring red framed diamonds with various pictograms to indicate potential physical, health and environmental hazards rather than the orange CHIP square. Below are the images you will be seeing on our labelling. 


To see a comparison chart between old and new symbols click here


The point of the new CLP Regulation is to better help users identify the nature and severity of the substance or mixture used in products and the measures of precaution to be taken when handling.

As mentioned earlier the CLP labels adopt GHS, which aims to be used worldwide to improve protection of human health and the environment, consistent information transferral regarding potentially chemical hazards, and facilitate trade on a global level.

Further Information

Any CHIP labelled products labelled before 1st of June 2015 can still be traded and shipped until 1st June 2017, so don’t be surprised or alarmed if products you use still have CHIP labels.

For more information on CLP Regulation go here and for any further questions regarding CLP and Endurocide® products don’t hesitate to contact us