Chlorine isn't the only surface disinfectant available!

NEWS Cleaner

The NHS have stated that there are other products which aren’t chlorine-based which are just as effective as chlorine for surface disinfection.

At a recent study day held in Birmingham, a leading spokesperson in Infection Control & Prevention gave a talk on the best practice for decontaminating surfaces. During this presentation it was stated that there are other non-chlorine products which are just as effective as chlorine which should be considered.

This statement although brief, shows a fundamental shift that is slowly beginning to happen within the UK.

The expert went on to add that an understanding of the testing and approvals for non-chlorine products was paramount before making a decision as to whether to implement the products or not.

The Infection Prevention Expert also stated that there are a number of existing products currently available that claim they “meet European legislation” or have “passed European tests”. Due to this, it was recommended that all hospital staff must be aware that unless the product has been reviewed and the testing methodology checked and understood by an Infection Control expert, then the product should not be used.

All of our Surface Disinfection products are chlorine free, have been reviewed and have had their testing methodology checked by a leading expert within Infection Control & Prevention in the UK.

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