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Enduro Hand Sanitiser is effective against Coronavirus

SLIDER coronavirus3

Some very good news about Enduro Hand Sanitiser which was recently screen-tested against coronavirus at the German Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology in Hamburg.

We achieved a 99.8% reduction against bovine coronavirus (BCoV), (the Internationally recognised coronavirus surrogate) and a 99.25% reduction against modified vaccinia virus Ankara (MVA), (the Internationally recognised surrogate virus for all enveloped viruses).

Screen tests are used to indicate whether a product will pass the European Standard, which in this case is for viruses to EN14476.

To pass EN14476 we need to achieve a reduction of 99.99%. In the screen test, because of the high speed of kill, 99.8% in 30 seconds, insufficient test culture remained for Enduro Hand Sanitiser to achieve a reduction of 99.99%.

Because we were so close to the required 99.99% kill rate, the test house voluntarily offered the statement that they thought the product was most likely sufficiently active against both test viruses.

For this reason, we will now test the product to EN14476 for viruses.

The full EN14476 test will provide sufficient culture for Enduro Hand Sanitiser to achieve the required 99.99% kill rate. It will probably take a further 5 – 6 weeks for the test to be completed. In the meantime, we can on the basis of the results state that Enduro Hand Sanitiser achieved a kill rate of 99.8% against coronavirus in 30 seconds.

Do please get in touch if you need any further explanation of the test reports.

Note: Enduro Hand Sanitiser is used in our hand & skin wipes, Enduro Sanitising Wipes - therefore this test result also applies to this product.