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How do you choose the right Sanitiser or Disinfectant?

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How can you be sure any sanitising product lives up to its claims?

When you take on a new employee, you check their credentials and qualifications to make sure that they are a good fit for your business. Wouldn’t you do the same for a product that you are going to rely on to protect you, your people and business from the threat of a virus or any other germs?

The market has become saturated with a mass of products that make many claims. Clever marketing or application methods, together with a hefty price tag, might just be enough to convince you that it does have the performance it promises.

So, what can you do to check that the product you are using is ticking the right boxes?

In the same way you can check the qualifications of an employee, you can also check the credentials of a sanitising product. There are a range of internationally recognised tests that prove products meet a particular standard and prove that they work, the main ones being BS EN (British Standard European Norms).

All our Infection Control Products have undergone testing to these standards as well as other industry acknowledged tests, and we are able to provide documentation to prove the efficacy of a product - essentially backing up unequivocally that our products will do what we say they can.

Additionally – just as you might ask for references for a potential new employee, even if the candidate has a very impressive CV, finding out what others have to say about an individual is always more valuable than what someone says about themselves.

Our products have an impressive track record: some of our range is supplied to the NHS under contract, and we also supply at volume into the catering, food and hospitality industries.

If your supplier can provide this kind of evidence for their products, then you can be confident that the product is doing the job it has been employed to do.

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All our liquid products are manufactured at our dedicated facilities in Scotland.  As the manufacturer of all our products, we are also able to offer dedicated technical and after sales support to help meet all your project needs.

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