QFD Spray Cleaner

AntiBak Tablets

Effective chlorine free tablets for the easy disinfection of surfaces

Immediate response disinfection - use to replace chlorine tablets to disinfect blood or body fluid spillages.

 AntiBak Tablets are:

  • Simple to use
  • Safe to handle
  • Pre-measured for correct dilution  
  • Highly effective against Norovirus (LOG 8 / 99.999999% KILL RATE)
  • No need to transport, handle or measure hazardous liquid chemicals

Add one chlorine free tablet into the trigger spray bottle. Add water. Be ready to clean and sanitise any surface in under two minutes − it‘s that simple! 

Benefits: why choose AntiBak Tablets?

Ready in seconds

500ml of powerful disinfection ready to use in under 2 minutes

Long lasting

Solution remains effective for up to 7 days

Kills bacteria, fungi & viruses

Tested according to International Standards

Guaranteed correct dilution - every time

No complicated mixing required

No odour

Chlorine free - no unpleasant odour

Transport & storage friendly

No hazardous liquids to ship, store or dilute

Safe to use

Once diluted, no hazardous labelling required

Where to Use

Perfect for use in institutional, food processing and public service facilities:

  • Food preparation areas: table tops, counters, food trays, cold stores and kitchen surfaces
  • Public areas: including waiting rooms, washrooms, reception areas and door handles
  • Hotels: shower heads, drains, spas and hot tubs 

How to use

  • Fill trigger spray with 500ml of water (ie just above shoulder of provided bottle)
  • Add 1 AntiBak Tablet to water
  • Leave to dissolve completely before replacing trigger spray head
  • Spray surface & wipe
  • Leave to dry naturally

tablet in bottle web

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

International Standards

AntiBak Tablets has been tested in accordance with the following European Standards:

  • Viruses to EN 14476 - tested against Norovirus and H1N1 Swine Flu
  • Viruses - independently tested against Hepatitis C and HIV
  • Fungi to EN 1650 - against Aspergillus niger and Candida albicans
  • Bacteria to EN 1276 and EN 13727 - against E.coliCamplylobacter jejuniKlebsiella pneumoniae, Legionella pneumophila, Listeria monocytogenesPseudomonas aeruginosaSalmonella enteritidis and MRSA
  • Taint tested - meets Triangle Test Method TES-S-004
  • 7 day active solution - tested according to EN 1276 against E.coli daily for 7 days after making up solution

All tests carried out using 1 AntiBak Tablet in 500ml water.

For further information or to request copies of our test certificates, please contact us.

Pack sizes

100 tablets



Tub of 100 x 5g tablets

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Units per case

Sold individually


100 tablets + trigger spray



Tub of 100 x 5g tablets supplied with 1 x re-usable 500ml trigger spray

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Units per case

Sold individually




  • Small tablet − HUGE cleaning power
  • Small surfaces - ideal for immediate spill disinfection response
  • Tested according to International standards - against bacteria, fungi & viruses
  • Kills 99.9999% of bacteria - such as E.coli, Salmonella, Pseudomonas and MRSA
  • One tub of 100 tablets = up to 50 litres of disinfection
  • Superior portion control technology - pre-measured dosage effortlessly ensures correct dilution
  • Mess free handling - no need to measure hazardous liquid chemicals, clean up spills or deal with leaky bottles
  • Unbeatable space saving - eliminates the need for you to store large containers of liquid cleaning supplies     
  • Small environmental footprint - lightweight tablets drastically reduce carbon emissions from transportation and re-usable trigger spray bottle reduces landfill




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