Endurocide® Detergent Wipes

Endurocide® Detergent Wipes are multi-purpose, water-based detergent wipes for the everyday cleaning and damp dusting of surfaces, equipment and furniture

Suitable for use:

  tick green on all hard surfaces
  tick green as damp dusting wipes
  tick green for pre-cleaning items prior to disinfection

Now can be used for everyday sporicidal disinfection:

simply use with Rapid 6 Foam!


Why choose Endurocide® Detergent Wipes?

Endurocide® Detergent Wipes are:

EDW ICON 1   Alcohol free EDW ICON 2   Disinfectant free EDW ICON 3   Chlorine free
EDW ICON 4   Fragrance free EDW ICON 5    pH neutral EDW ICON 6  Biodegradable formula

Endurocide® Detergent Wipes can also be used for everyday Low & Intermediate level Sporicidal Disinfection – simply use with Rapid 6 Foam!

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Where to Use

Endurocide® Detergent Wipes designed for the cleaning and damp dusting of surfaces, equipment and furniture and are also suitable for the pre-cleaning of contaminated items, prior to disinfection.

Suitable for use on all hard surfaces and areas, including:

  • Isolation rooms
  • Sluice rooms
  • Macerators
  • Walls & floors
  • Commodes
  • Laboratories
  • Bed frames & mattresses 
  • Steel gurneys
  • Work stations
  • Ventilation grills
  • Work areas
  • Dressing trolleys
  • Door handles 
  • Toilets, sinks & taps
  • Curtain tracks

How to Use

Endurocide® Detergent Wipes are ready to use and require no special handling or storage methods.

  • Wipe surface, ensuring all areas are sufficiently wetted.

  • Take care not to clean the same area twice. Always use a new wipe for a new surface. Dispose of wipe if it becomes soiled or dry.

  • Leave to dry naturally.

  • Close lid after use. 

When using Endurocide® Detergent Wipes with Rapid 6 Foam:

  • Apply 2 or 3 pumps of foam across the surface before using wipes.

Using Endurocide® Detergent Wipes with Rapid 6 Foam

Using Endurocide® Detergent Wipes with Rapid 6 Foam transforms them from everyday cleaning and damp dusting wipes into an everyday Low / Intermediate Level Sporicidal Disinfection System!

  • Simply apply 2 or 3 pumps of Rapid 6 Foam to the surface requiring cleaning and disinfection to obtain sporicidal, bactericidal and fungicidal activity.


Endurocide® Detergent Wipes with Rapid 6 Foam has been tested under practical, real life conditions and has been shown to kill not only the pathogens on the surface, but on the wipe itself - helping to reduce the potential for transfer of pathogens from ones surface to another.

Ideal for cleaning and damp dusting in C.difficile prone areas - or any other area affected by Hospital Acquired Infections.

For further information on our test methods and other results, please contact us.

Log reduction gained using Rapid 6 Foam with Endurocide® Detergent Wipes:


1 min

2 min.

5 min.

  •  Surface



> 6.68

  •  Wipe





Pack sizes

Bucket of 225 wipes


Order code


Wipe fabric

25gsm polyviscose

Wipe size

250 x 240mm

Units per case

Sold individually




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