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How Endurocide® Curtains can help you in the fight against COVID-19

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At time of writing, there are no available test standards to evaluate the virucidal activity of treated fabrics, such as Endurocide® Antimicrobial Plus Curtains.

However, while enveloped viruses such as Coronavirus can be highly infectious, they are not particularly difficult to kill and as such are susceptible to a broad range of disinfectants. It is generally regarded that if a product is proven to be effective against bacteria and fungi, there is a high likelihood it will also be effective against enveloped viruses. (For further information on this topic, please see our blog here.)

Endurocide® Antimicrobial Plus Curtains have been tested to international fabric standards against a broad range of bacteria, fungi, mycobacteria and spores.

Furthermore, the following testing has been done on Endurocide® Antimicrobial Plus Curtains against enveloped viruses including Coronavirus:

  South African Hospital Trial: COVID-19 Testing

Endurocide® Antimicrobial Plus Curtains were used in an ICU ward in a hospital in South Africa during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The curtains were independently screen tested and found to be free of COVID-19!

Testing method

Swabs were taken from two separate Endurocide® Antimicrobial Plus Curtains being used in the ICU ward and independently screen tested by the hospital for the presence of Coronavirus nCOV-19 (COVID-19) using the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test method.



  Curtain No.

Date of test


  • #1
05/11/20 Negative  
  • #2
05/11/20 Negative  
Please note: at time of testing, full laboratory tests to International Standards were not yet available. As such these results are screen tests and should be considered as indicative results.

  EN 14476 Liquid testing

The liquid used to coat Endurocide® Antimicrobial Plus Curtains was tested to European Standard EN 14476 to evaluate its virucidal activity.

Testing description

A quantitative suspension test designed to evaluate virucidal activity of disinfectants.

Pass: > log 4 reduction in 60 minutes under clean conditions'




Test time

Log reduction

  • Human Coronavirus
5 minutes >4.07  
  • H1N1 Influenza A virus (Swine Flu)
5 minutes >5.13  
  • Measles morbillivirus
5 minutes >4.00  

More testing news

We're also please to announce that, as part of our ongoing testing and R&D protocols, our Endurocide® Antimicrobial Plus Curtains have now been tested to European Standard BS EN ISO 20743: 2013.

While there is no pass or fail criteria for this test, the testing house were impressed enough by the results to state in the report the curtains "demonstrated a strong efficacy of antibacterial property."




Log reduction

  • Klebsiella pneumoniae
  • Staphylococcus aureus

For further information on our testing or to request copies of the reports, please contact us.

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