Major independent review of Endurocide® Curtains published in the American Journal of Infection Control!

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An article has been published in the prestigious American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC) regarding the effectiveness of our Endurocide® Antimicrobial Plus Curtains over a 24-month period.


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Prepared by Monash Health, one of Australia's largest public health service providers, this article tested the effectiveness of Endurocide® Antimicrobial Plus Curtains against a range of multi-resistant microorganisms over a 24 month period. The pathogens tested included:

  • Gram positive bacteria and gram negative bacteria
  • ESBL bacteria
  • Fungi and Spores

The results were overwhelming: Endurocide® Antimicrobial Plus Curtain’s performance against pathogens was found to be as good 24 months after installation as the day they were first hung up!  In addition, our curtains cut the overall cost by more than 50%. 

The article stated:

"Excellent results were achieved for both zone of inhibition and contact inhibition when tested at baseline, 6,12,18, and 24 months with no visible loss of activity. There were cost benefits for replacing standard fabric curtains with the newer formulation (Endurocide) sporicidal and antimicrobial curtains" 1

Why should you buy Endurocide® Antimicrobial Plus Curtains?

Not only are our Endurocide® Antimicrobial Plus Curtains proven to be effective against bacteria, fungi and spores, the article found further benefits in using disposable curtains compared to traditional fabric curtains:

  • The cost of laundering fabric curtains was more than 50% more expensive than the cost of purchasing and hanging Endurocide® Antimicrobial Plus Curtains over 2 years.
  • Endurocide® Antimicrobial Plus Curtains improve staff safety as less changes mean staff are required to climb ladders less often.

Endurocide® Antimicrobial Plus Curtains are designed to be disposable and we would therefore recommend should only remain in-situ for up to 12 months, and should always be changed when visibly soiled.

  1. Kotsanas, Despina; Gillespie, Elizabeth "Disposable antimicrobial and sporicidal privacy curtains: Cost benefit of hanging longer" American Journal of Infection Control (2016), please click here for link to AJIC article.  Copright Elsevier.