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New test result for Enduro Hand Sanitiser

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We are pleased to advise that the following products have now been tested to EN 13727 and received excellent pass results:

Test Results:

A pass rate for EN 13727 in clean conditions is ≥ log 5 (99.999%) reduction in 1 minute, which we are pleased to advise our products exceeded. 

If you would like a copy of any of our Test Report Summary Sheets, please contact us. *

About EN 13727:

EN 13727 is a quantitative suspension test that evaluates chemical disinfectants & antiseptics for their bactericidal activity and is specifically related to medical areas.  The pathogens that need to be tested to achieve the EN 13727 Standard are:

  • Enterococcus hirae
  • Escherichia coli 
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Staphylococcus aureus 

EN 13727 is a Phase 2, Step 1 standard test.  Phase 2, Step 1 tests are similar to basic suspension tests. However, Phase 2 suspension tests must be conducted in such a way as to simulate actual medical conditions.  To do this, the laboratory will create a suspension liquid that contains the relevant test micro-organisms, as well as an interfering substance (usually bovine albumin/protein) to simulate the types of contaminants that would be present in real-life medical environments.

Once the suspension liquid is ready, the disinfectant that is being tested is is added directly to it and immediately after the required contact time a sterile neutraliser is added.  This neutraliser stops the effects of the disinfectant and the laboratory then takes a sample of the mixture and pours it onto a pour plate and incubates it.  The number of surviving bacteria are counted and compared against the original culture size, so that you can determine the kill rate or effectiveness of the disinfectant.

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 Want to learn more about testing & kill rates?

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* Hand sanitisers in the UK are not permitted to make efficacy claims against specific germs in any of their marketing material.  This includes in relation to Coronavirus etc. 

Unlike other countries, in the UK the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) state that any hand sanitiser that makes claims against pathogens has to be licensed as a medicine.  Our Enduro Hand & Skin products are registered as Biocides due to their primary function, which is to sanitise or disinfect the hands & skin, with the primary goal to kill/neutralise/render harmless the microorganisms on the hands.  Biocides for human hygiene are often used in professional settings, such as in medical environments, where the proven efficacy of a product is very important and needs to be standardised to applicable ISO test methods, which our products are.




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