South Africa Report: University of the Free State, Bloemfontein

  30 minute bactericidal efficacy trial

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This independent report, carried out by the Department of Microbiology & Biochemistry at University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa, evaluated the efficacy of Endurocide® Antimicrobial Plus Curtains against a “cocktail” of three common types of both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria in 30 minutes.

Testing method

Different concentrations of the bacterial mixture were applied to samples of Endurocide® Antimicrobial Plus Curtains fabric and the number of colony forming units counted after 30 minutes. As a control, the same bacteria mix was applied to a plate containing no fabric; both tests were carried out in triplicate.

The report concluded that “substantial antimicrobial activity was found on the curtain material against a cocktail of the three standard bacterial species”.



Bacterial mix concentration

Mean bacterial count (cfus)

Minimum % reduction


Endurocide® Antimicrobial Plus Curtain


  • 100%

>300 (too many to count)


  • 12.5%

>300 (too many to count)


  • 3.1%

>300 (too many to count)


  • 0.8%

>300 (too many to count)


  • 0.1%



To download a copy of this report, click or tap here.

NOTE: Most fabric tests are carried out using 24 hour test time so these results confirm that Endurocide® Antimicrobial Plus Curtains work quickly against pathogenic contamination. We would like to thank our South African distributor for making this report available.
* ”Some surviving bacteria were found when a very high inoculum of bacteria was used to infect the curtain. This level of bacterial contamination is exceptionally high and is much higher than would be expected under normal everyday conditions.”

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