UK NHS Report: Hospital Trust Evaluation

   A study to compare the microbiological contamination of hospital curtains

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A leading NHS Hospital Trust in England held a trial to compare traditional polyester curtains with Endurocide® Antimicrobial & Sporicidal Curtains across two busy wards over an eight-week period.

Swabs were taken from the curtains bi-weekly and checked for CFUs (colony forming units) of bacteria. The curtains were also tested at the end of the trial for bioburden to evaluate how much the curtains were contaminated with microorganisms.

The results show clearly that Endurocide®; Antimicrobial & Sporicidal Curtains perform dramatically better than traditional polyester curtains in helping to reduce pathogenic contamination and bioburden accumulation.

CurtainCFUs TRADvsTREATED graph

To download a copy of this report, click or tap here.

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